FM as front end for MySQL?

Discussion created by andrewblackwell on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by sarahkmul

I am considering switching the back end database for a client from FileMaker to MySQL to allow for more seamless integration with a) other needs (dynamic data on a regularly visited website) and b) other developers, who have no FM experience but instead work with classical web technologies.


The idea is to keep FileMaker as a front end via ESS, and to let the client continue to view and process the data through a FileMaker-based interface.


I have heard a few calls of warning (including FMI's own) to be cautious about (or even altogether avoid) this approach, but still lack some specifics.


Do any of you have any good / bad experience with this approach?


If you strongly advise against it, what alternative would you suggest / do you use? Would you implement a bi-directional synching approach between FM and MySQL or would you ask the other developers to learn to get to grips with the FileMaker php api instead?