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Family links, via portals and popovers

Question asked by davehob on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by davehob

I’m trying to set up a “family links” function (FM13). I have a People table (PPL), and on the Person Detail layout I need the user to be able to select any other person from that table and say this person (B) is person A’s father/mother/son, etc.


So, I have a popover on the Person Detail layout in which the user can do a standard “spotlight search”, giving a list of matching names in a portal, based on a TO called PPL_PPL~filter, and the user can then highlight the name of the relative. So far, so good.


Where I’m stuck is with the second portal, also on the popover, where I want the user to be able to select the relationship type. The relationship types to be offered are, of course, dependent on the gender of the person selected – if that person is male, the relationship types are to be father, son, uncle, etc. (and mother, daughter, aunt, etc. if the selected person is female). These relationship types are held in a separate table (RTY). Once the relationship type has been selected, I’ll write a pair of complementary relationships to a REL (relationship) table.


But the problem I have is with showing eligible relationship types in the second portal. I have a relationship from PPL_PPL~filter to RTY based on gender, and the plan is that, once the user has selected a related Person, the “relationship type” portal (based on PPL_PPL_RTY) will update to show only the relationship types for the selected person’s gender. But it doesn’t. I’m assuming that it’s some sort of commit or refresh issue, but I’ve tried committing the record when the user selects a related person, and still no joy.


Having spent the whole afternoon on this, I’m now at the point where I think I must be doing something fundamentally wrong! Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Dave (just back from a month in incredible India, and struggling to get back into gear!)