Problem with filemaker on virtual server

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I have a program in filemaker that does a lot of calculation processes. In these days, I noted that if my program is managed by a virtual server rathen than directly by a physical server, its performance is very lower and its waiting period is very longer.


So I'd like to ask if the virtual structure of the server could be the cause of this problem.


NB: The specification of my virtual server are:


- Server: on virtual infrastructure - vSphere 5.1


- Processor: Intel Xeon X5670; CPU: 4 core - 2.93Ghz


- Ram: 4Gb


- Virtual Disk: 50Gb on a lun SAS dedicated on a NetAPP FAS3240 system that is linked to my blade physical server by optical fiber (8 Gb/s)


- Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 ; updated on last virtual hardware vm-09 and linked vmware-tools


- Service Pack 1


NB: The specification of my physical server are:


- IBM System x3400 M3 Server


- Processor: INTEL XEON E5620, CPU - 2,40Ghz


- Ram: 12, GB


- Windows server 2008 64-bit


- Service pack 2




Paolo Zammitti