FileMaker Server 13 Web Publishing Question

Discussion created by smower on Feb 6, 2014



We recently have upgraded from FileMaker Server 11 to FileMaker Server 13 and put FMS 13 on a new Windows 2012 Server. On our Windows server with FMS 11 we had FM php sites and also some .asp and .aspx pages and sites. I wanted to add these sites over to the new FMS 13. One of the sites is a crystal report site that uses odbc to talk to FMS and runs reports.


On the FMS11 Server, I put those sites in the wwwrooot folder and they worked fine and the FM php sites worked fine also.


However, when I put website folders into the wwwroot on the new FMS 13 Server Windows 2012 computer, they don't run. When I look at Sites in IIS it says the Default Web Site is Stopped. If I try to start it it says "This website cannot be started. Another website may be using the same port." FMS13 seems to have created a site called FMWebSite so when looking at it's path, I discovered that to get my php FileMaker websites to work, I had to put them in the following folder:


C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerHTTPServerconf


and then the php sites work.


However if I put .asp pages or .aspx pages into this folder they don't work. .asp pages come up blank and .aspx pages or sites give errors like this: XML Parsing Error: no element found


Does anyone know how I can get my .asp pages and .aspx pages to also work with this new FMS 13 Windows 2012 server?


Thank you in Advance,