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    FileMaker Server 13 Web Publishing Question




      We recently have upgraded from FileMaker Server 11 to FileMaker Server 13 and put FMS 13 on a new Windows 2012 Server. On our Windows server with FMS 11 we had FM php sites and also some .asp and .aspx pages and sites. I wanted to add these sites over to the new FMS 13. One of the sites is a crystal report site that uses odbc to talk to FMS and runs reports.


      On the FMS11 Server, I put those sites in the wwwrooot folder and they worked fine and the FM php sites worked fine also.


      However, when I put website folders into the wwwroot on the new FMS 13 Server Windows 2012 computer, they don't run. When I look at Sites in IIS it says the Default Web Site is Stopped. If I try to start it it says "This website cannot be started. Another website may be using the same port." FMS13 seems to have created a site called FMWebSite so when looking at it's path, I discovered that to get my php FileMaker websites to work, I had to put them in the following folder:


      C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerHTTPServerconf


      and then the php sites work.


      However if I put .asp pages or .aspx pages into this folder they don't work. .asp pages come up blank and .aspx pages or sites give errors like this: XML Parsing Error: no element found


      Does anyone know how I can get my .asp pages and .aspx pages to also work with this new FMS 13 Windows 2012 server?


      Thank you in Advance,