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    This is very cool!


      So I've been playing around with this:




      Barcodes with no plug-ins: a private API from Foxtail Technology (their primary business is FileMaker hosting).


      They intend for this to be a supported, ongoing service - eventually something one would pay for.


      Works like a dream, and and enormous help with developing barcode solutions without plug-ins (necessary for GO).


      My question (yet again, for those smarter than I):


      How can I get the "Generate Barcode" script to run automatically when a new record is created/committed/etc.


      Assume the winow is "hidden," and there is no "layout" upon which to draw.


      If you happen to download the file and play around with it, and find a way...let me know. It's beyond my understanding.


      Thanks in advance, as always.


      David Moore