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    FMS 13 won't install Server 2012 Standard


      I have a newly built vanilla Windows server 2012 Standard 64-bit OS. Exactly as the Tech Specs said was supported. Nothing has been installed other than the windows updates.


      I try to install FM Server 13 for a single machine, with admin creds, but I keep getting error message saying port 443 is in use.


      netstat says thar the System PID is listening on port 443 and I cannot stop the listening. I also have IIS installed and the default website is on port 8080 & https is on port 444. Please take a look at the screen shot, that shows my setup for the server.


      What is running on port 443 that is stopping the install?



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          I am having the same issue on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard - clean build.


          Every time I get to the deployment Assistant it shows and error and will not allow me to complete the deployment without going back and opting to NOT allow web publishing. I have uninstalled IIS and allowed the FMS installer to installer everything itself. No matter what I do, I cannot get web publishing to work.


          Very frustrating!! Any suggestions welcome.

          Deployment Assistant Error.PNG

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            I had to call tech support to fix the issue.  I had to remove my server from the domain and turn off my nic cards in order to install the software.  But I was just on 2008 Standard.  I wasn't using R2.

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              I ended up contacting FileMaker technical support. They said that if, during installation, I got a message saying port 80 and 443 were in use and did I want to disable them, then my system software was not standard. That is, the server should not by default have IIS already installed. Instead I should allow the installer to put IIS and other necessary software on the computer.


              So I had our IT team create a fresh new server with no IIS preinstalled. I was then able to install without issue. I suspect that the version of IIS or some other system component was later than the FMS installer was expecting.  Anyway, all seems very temperamental.