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    Re-Logging to Guest


      Hi together,


      it is possible to perform a re-logging so that the [Guest] account appears. I found no possibility unless by starting the database.


      Thanks and greetings

      E. Neukum

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          Did you try the Re-login script step with no dialog?


               Re-Login [ Account Name: "[Guest]" ]


          That doesn't ask for the credentials at all, if the account is enabled. Note that the Password was blank.


          Is that what you meant, E.?


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            Hello Beverly,


            many thanks for your help.


            I tried many things, but I can't re-logging to the [Guest] system account, when I'm using a script step. I tried blanks before and behind the brackets, the German version [Gast], with and without using the dialog box and many other things.  It only works fine, when I'm using the dialog box with a click on the option  Guest but I want to change the account without do any clicks.


            I think, that I have to create a new (Guest) account with the permissions of the system account [Guest].


            Many greetings and thanks from Germany

            Erhard Neukum

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              I’ve tried a lot to script re-login as Guest and never got it to work. It appears it is a UI only selection. What I did was create a new account with the same privileges as the Guest account and log in with that. Maybe you can make it the default login account and maybe not. It depends on how you are using the Guest account. ]

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                I go about this the other way around, more or less. What I use is:


                1.     Set file options to log in using Guest Account

                2.     Use an OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger to run a script which opens a login screen where the user can either enter name and password, or click a Guest Login button

                3.     If the guest button is clicked the script activated simply leaves the default Guest account (read only) active and navigates to the working screen

                4.     If the user enters a valid name and password then a re-login is performed using the new credentials they have entered

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                  Many thanks to all for your help. I think it is not possible to use the system [Guest] account for the re-login. So I have created an account (guest) with the privilegs of the [Guest]-account. This works fine.

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                    Try the Re-login without user or pass.