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Find performed on server and local file returning different resutls

Question asked by AndrewD on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2014 by Vincent_L

I've run into an issue where I cannot figure what is going on. I have a calculated field that results in the "balance due" of an order by subtracting payments from a related table from the total of the order. Since it's using related fields the calculation is not stored and there are no indexes.


When I have the file saved locally and search for records that have a "balance due" >0, I get the expected 4 records returned.


When I do the same search while the file is hosted on FileMaker server 12v5, I only get 2 records returned. If I go and look for the two missing records individually, their "balance due" field does show a calculated result that is greater than 0.


What could be causing this discrepancy?