Location not updating sporadically

Discussion created by sprosser on Feb 7, 2014
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We've got a system that lets people check in and out at job sites with FMGo on their iPhones. We're capturing timestamps and GPS coordinates when a tech logs in and clicks a button. The timestamp is always right, but occasionally the GPS coordinates from the last jobsite shows up instead of the new ones. We haven't been able to identify a pattern with this. Two guys can check in at the same jobsite, and one location updates while the other one won't so it doesn't seem to be connectivity. The problem isn't limited to one or two folks. They tell me that nearly everybody has had the problem at one time or another. Everybody is on at least an iPhone 4g, but most are on some flavor of 5.


I know we could have the guys update the location manually on their maps, but that seems inefficient because the failure to update only happens once in ten times (at the very most). Any suggestions for some phone/OS settings to check or something I can add to FileMaker to force an update?