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Is it possible to alert Filemaker Pro Clients from a FMServer ESS Insert?

Question asked by AllPointsMediaWorks on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by AllPointsMediaWorks

I have an existing old VB desktop applicaiton that is essentially a desktop client to a mysql server and polls for record updates and alerts on new entries to be acknowledged by the users.


Is it possible with FM Server 13 with an ESS connection to the mysql server to replicate that type of behavior? IE to flag the user on the insert of a record. (Today that insert is being triggered by a web server with an asp based api that triggers these inserts).


Was considering just creating a native windows app for this as a rip and replace and updating to but am kicking around looking at the feasibility of using Filemaker Pro. In the past, as I recall, the screens would not refresh automatically when ESS changes were made. This is an alerting style app so I need the prompting on insert as critical requirement.