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Server 13 slow and undependable

Question asked by jimahopkins on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by psijmons

Is any one else haveing trouble with server? I'm running Filemaker 13 server on a brand new Mac Pro. I have a very simple database with 73 records, no pictures and very few fields.


My mac Pro is a quad core wiht 16 gig of ram and 500 gig Solid State Drive. It is placed in a network and then accessed over wide are network. Once I open the file, perform a sort, slide through the records, perform another sort, I then get dropped from the server. Once the file comes up the speed is fine until I get the spinning beach baall and then dropped.


Is anyone else experiencing this issue. Right now, I'm the only one on the system. I'm afraid to put it in production.


Thanks for your responses in advance.


Jim Hopkins