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Fltering a portal by mutliple field values separated by returns (using a checkbox set) in a global match field?

Question asked by on Feb 8, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by siplus

Thanks in advance for any help.


four tables

  1. contacts
  2. join_contacts_activities_cartesian
  3. activities
  4. globals


I have a layout called MyDesk, based on Contacts table

On it, I have a portal based on join_contacts_activities called "meetings" which is a Cartesian join, so that all meetings are shown.

I also have Globals::gMyDeskEmployeeFilterID_MatchField as the match field to filter the portal


I need to show all meetings as an option, so that employees can see other employee's obligations.


I created as a dropdown list a subset of Persons to show only people who are employees using a global match


I'm using filter: JOIN_Activities_Person_Cartesian::PersonID_fk = Globals::gMyDeskEmployeeFilterID_MatchField


Is there a trick or gotchase to filtering a portal by mutliple field values separated by returns (using a checkbox set) in a global?

Is there a CONTAINS match?


Where I am having touble is that I can fiilter by ONE personID in the portal just fine...hand typed in a numeric field.

But, if I try ti us the value list completed global to enter single or multiple key matches in a global, NOTHING shows at all in the portal.


Also, even though the global seems to hold the correct return delimited PersonID's, the field DOES appear to combine the selected items into scientific notation (until I click on it) rather than separated values when I get more than a couple of user id's.


Thanks again for any help.