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Filemaker Server 12 Admin Console Java Issue

Question asked by wildwood28 on Feb 9, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by wildwood28

Hi all, have hit a problem with launching our Filemaker Server 12 Admin Console (on Windows), with the error message along the lines of "missing required permissions manifest attribute in main jar".


I found an update here... it says to ..

  1. Disconnect all clients and close all files.
  2. In the FileMaker Server Admin Console, stop Web Publishing and the Database Server.
  3. Quit the FileMaker Server Admin Console and the Start Page, if they are running.
  4. In the Windows Services Console, select Services (Local).
  5. Select the FileMaker Server service, then choose Action menu > Stop.
  6. Quit web browsers before applying the update.


How can I do that if the problem is that the console won't launch in the first place?


It all seems to be running fine in that clients can log in etc and use the database...just can't get the admin consol working!