Auto Complete in Related Field Pop-Up Menu

Discussion created by BMyers on Feb 9, 2014
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Hello, I'm new to FMP. I'm not a developer, but I've been using databases for a while and I understand the concepts pretty well. There is a workflow that I would expect in FMP but I cannot find how to do it.


Short description: In a layout, when a related field appears in a pop-up menu using a related-field value list, then FMP display the entire list in the pop-up menu. FMP allows the list to be sorted by the second field. What I need is to be able to type the text of what I want to find in the second field and have the list go to that portion of the alphabet.


Long description: Imagine a DB with two tables, Meeting and Project, with a one-to-many relationship (many Meetings for one Project). With the primary key and foreign key fields defined, the next step is to put the related field on my layout. Working from my Meetings layout, I define a related field specify that it will display the Project foreign key. In the Inspector, I choose a pop-up menu using a value list. I define the value list by the Project table primary key plus the Project table ProjectName field, as sorted on the ProjectName field.


So far so good, the field appears on the layout, and when I click on the field a list appears with the PK on the left and ProjectName on the right, and it is sorted by ProjectName. This would be great if I had only a few projects. Once that list gets very long I would like to be able to simply begin typing the name of the project and have the highlighted item skip down the list to the appropriate place, auto-complete style. How do I get the system to do this action? I have been through the Help pdf, the 1300 page User Guide, the FMP training series, and even the Lynda series looking for what I would think would be easy and standard. I must be missing something pretty obvious because I can't find it anywhere.


Question #2: the layout field described above displays both the PK and the Project Name. I don't need the layout to show the PK; it's just a unique number. I would prefer the field to display only the ProjectName. The only trick I've been able to find is to define a second related field on the Meetings layout, and then pick the ProjectName from the Projects Table. Make it a plain Edit Box, and don't allow field entry in Edit or Browse modes. Slide this second field over the first field, and leave only the pop-up arrow showing from the first field. To enter data: since the second field doesn't allow data entry, click on the arrow, and the first field will cover the second (come to the front) and the pop-up value list will appear. After selection, tab or click to go to any other field and the second field will then re-cover the first and display only the ProjectName. Nice trick, but do we really have to hack it?