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    Export records date format


      I m trying to export records from one table and than importng it into another table.In this its contain timestamp field i.e in dd/mm/yyyy format.Here problem is when exporting record its convert date into mm/dd/yyyy format.So next when I m trying to import this record date is in mm/dd/yyyy format.I want it in same format before export the record

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          In the Specify Fields export dialog box, you will see a checkbox that says "Apply current layout's data formatting to exported data". You want to turn that ON.


          Make sure that when you do the export, that you are on a layout that has your date field showing and it is displaying it in dd/mm/yyyy format. The date field will now export how you want it.


          NOTE: It might make sense to create a special layout for exporting data from. All you really need on that layout would be your date field formatted the way you want it. If you have multiple date fields, just put all of them on this special layout and again, format them as desired.


          Hope this helps.