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FileMaker Server 13, WebDirect, and Multiple AD Domains

Question asked by ByteTheBullet on Feb 10, 2014

I've been tasked with developing a solution that requires a web interface that allows users from two different AD domains to have access. There will likely be multiple AD groups in each domain to control specific access levels. While I've used AD to control access to FileMaker Server-hosted solutions for years, I have not had to support multiple domains in the past, and am wondering if this is even possible with FileMaker Server 13.


Does anyone have any insight that they can share?


One of the domains is an "internal" domain that contains company employee accounts, while the other is an "external" domain that contains only client accounts. The solution itself consists of a couple of simple forms and reports- nothing complex at all.


My alternative to FileMaker at this point would be a php-based app, which would take me longer to develop seeing as how I'm a php noob.


Thanks in advance for any info!