Way to get ccard data into FM

Discussion created by njem on Feb 10, 2014
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We have a fundraiser going on now and I built as good of a payment system as I could. We were supposed to have a web person do this part but they baled. This is all in IWP so it calls out to PayPal (for paypal and for cards) and opens a browser window and passes the amount to paypal, but i have no way of getting back whether it worked. So I do the crude thing of asking the donor "did it go through"? Too confusing. Two problems. 1. sometimes the paypal browser window doesn't open, or is hidden in the back. 2. Sometimes people succeed at payment but don't click "yes, it wen't through" back on our page. Is it possible to have a little bit of CWP mixed in with this all IWP arrangement? Does anyone have such a thing existing? It's irritating some donors and that's not good.