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    execute script every two weeks


      Dear FM PPL,


      Just wondering if there is a way to script the execution of a script once every two weeks in a runtime?


      I understand that FM server can do this through scheduling, but I need to be able to do this for a runtime and am unable to find any doc on this.


      Any feedback is greatly appreciated and thank you kindly in advance.




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          You could set up a table with a date field set to the last time the script ran.  Have the on open script check the date field against current date and run the script if it has been the desired length of time.  As part of the script update the date field.


          This assumes the file is opened and closed on a daily basis.  So that the On Open script is run.


          You could also attach a script trigger that runs when a specific layout is opened.  Have it set a global variable to show that it has been run so that it exits after the first run.