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Best match problem

Question asked by siplus on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by usbc

Hello everybody.


I'm building a ticketing system for our support.



After a ticket is created, single problems are added to its ProblemList variable by clicking on entries from a 100+ problem portal. For the sake of simplicity, let's say that:



ticket 1 has problems a, e, f

ticket 2 has problems a, b

ticket 3 has problems c, d, f



and so on.


(Let's also simplify by limiting the possible problems to a max of 10 and sorting the contents of the ProblemList field on modify, through a custom function).


now comes ticket n, with problems b, c, d, g



The wish


is to have a portal showing solved tickets, sorted in decreasing order by "best problem set match".


In my example we would have ticket 3 in first position, with a correlation factor of 2, followed by ticket 2 with CF = 1. Ticket 1 does not appear, obviously.



One idea


Would be to build 10 relationships R1 to R10 and set CF = PatternCount(list (R1::ticketID) & ... & list(R10::ticketID); ticketID)



The question


is: how would you implement "The Wish" most efficiently ?