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    Got FMS12/13 w/ PHP on Windows? Can you check something for me? (mbstring)


      Hi all


      I've got a favor to ask of anyone who's got the FM version of PHP installed on Windows, FMS 12 &/or 13.


      Can you tell me if PHP's "mbstring" extension is enabled?


      (put a page on your server that contains only:

      <?php phpinfo(); ?>

      then load that page in a browser and do a search for "mbstring")

      For security, you should not leave this page on your server


      In my experience, mbstring is enabled in the Mac version of FM's PHP (both 12 & 13) but is not enabled in the Windows version (12). Unfortunately, I've only got one Windows machine I can check, hence this appeal ;-)


      FWIW: mbstring is a handy extension used by things like mPDF, mb_strtoupper(), etc.