Navigate to different layouts for iPhone 4 and 5 Issue

Discussion created by fmdataweb on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by user19752

I've encountered an issue with a FileMaker Go database I'm building. I've created separate layouts for the iPhone 4 (3.5" screen) and the iPhone 5 (4" screen).


I've setup a OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger to take the user to the correct layout when they first open the file. To do this I'm using the Get ( WindowContentHeight ) function. To simplify things here's the script (assumes portrait orientation - I'm checking for this using the Get ( WindowOrientation ) function but have removed that for now whilst I troubleshoot my problem):


If [ Get ( WindowContentHeight ) > 480 ]


Go to Layout [ “iPhone 4 Inch” ]



Go to Layout [ “iPhone 3.5 Inch” ]

End If


When I open the file on an iPhone 5 in Portrait mode it takes me to the iPhone 4 layout, even though Get ( WindowContentHeight ) returns 504.


If I then perform the same script manually it works as expected and takes me to the iPhone 5 layout.


Anyone know why this doesn't work as part of the OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger but does when performed manually afterwards?