Layout Sizes for FileMaker Go in Kiosk Mode

Discussion created by fmdataweb on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by jbante

I'm working on a FileMaker Go v13 solution and trying to determine what the maxium layout size I can use when I don't show any toolbars and use Kiosk mode. From searching there doesn't appear to be any reference to what you end up with for a Kiosk mode solution in terms of the maxium layout size.


This is what I think is the case:



iPad - Portrait - No Toolbar

768 W x 1004 H


iPad - Landscape - No Toolbar

1024 W x 748 H



iPhone 4 - Portrait - No Toolbar

320 W x 460 H


iPhone 4 - Landscape - No Toolbar

480 W x 300 H



iPhone 5 - Portrait - No Toolbar

320 W x 548 H


iPhone 5 - Landscape - No Toolbar

568 W x 300 H


Can anyone confirm this? I couldn't find any reference as to how much size the FileMaker Window title bar takes up on each device in portrait and landscape modes.