iOS, going to button and Keyboard closing

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Feb 12, 2014
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I have a layout and the last field is a popup. Once the field is selected, I want to go object that continues the process to the next layout. I originally just had a tab order so that it goes from the field to the Continue button next. This works fine on a Mac or PC. But on the iOS device, it goes back to the first field on the layout. So I made the field a script trigger for when I select from the popup list, that on modify, it runs a script to go to the Continue button object. This again works fine on a Mac or PC, but the iOS device, it goes back to the first field and pops up the keyboard. I could almost deal with it going back to the first field, but I want the keyboard to go away since it hides the Continue button. I have tried a commit script step, but it didn't hide the keyboard. I tried Go to Field and left the target field blank (someone suggested I try that).


Any suggestions on closing the keyboard and navigating to a button?