Advice on stage releasing a FM DB

Discussion created by opencirrus on Feb 12, 2014
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Hello, applogies if this seems to be a basic question, but I am working to develop a FM13 Pro database for corporate access from 5 concurrent users (locally), which will extend to 10 in the coming months. Each user, has a valid licence of FM Pro, and we plan to buy extra licences as they're required. In the future, if we go beyond 10 users, then I will consider FM Server.


I need to find the best way to stage-release the DB for user testing and user data-input, whilist I continue to develop the solution further. At this stage, I see the only way to acheive this is to release a copy for use (live copy on a local host) whilst remotely working on the next phase elsewhere. I need to ensure no dataloss during this cycle, and the only way I can see of acheiving this, is to export records (table by table), then inport records into the new development as each phase is completed, and tested.


Can anyone advise if there is a better way to acheive a phased release?