Record checking…if record exists for this, then show an alert

Discussion created by barenose on Feb 12, 2014
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Hello all you FMP Road Warriors,


I have a solution in FMP12 (FileMaker Server) for scheduling.


How can I flag a record t show this scenario:


Staff person has a day off, perhaps multiple days, like a vacation

Customer books an appointment, or appointments to see staff person on one of her days off

Show an alert to the scheduler that the staff person is not available on those days


I kind of just figured it out while I was typing the question


Set a flag on all the days that are marked as time off

If a new appointment falls on a flagged day, then show alert


Is that the long and short of it?


Some of the bookings can cover weeks, so each new record would have to check against the flags. I would use a loop here.


Any tastier solutions?


Thanks everyone!


All the best,