Attaching multiple files to an SMTP email message

Discussion created by ghoffman on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by AndrewStJ

Working in FMPro 13 using a file hosted on an FMSA 12 at the moment, I'm designing an email script that is supposed to send up to four attachments to a recipient.

No matter what I try, I only get the first file listed inthe File Path List of the "Send Mail" option script step.

I checked this also with FMPro 12 and the effect is the same.


The Specify File window in the Send Mail option (under Attach file--Specify) says,

Click Add File to add one or more files to the path list, or type the file paths directly into the list.

Specify one file path per line. Filemaker will search for the file in the order the paths appear in the list.


Am I to understand that we can only attach one file to a message and that Filemaker will send the first one it finds?


I want to read this as, Filemaker will attach files in the order of the File Path List.


What is it really spposed to do? How can I make it attach a series of files?