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Obtaining access privileges

Question asked by geoffc on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by geoffc

I have managed to convert from FileMaker Pro 4 (fp3 files) to the latest fp12. The only access password I have, is what the users currently use. This appears to not have full privileges, but then, I am also using a demo version of FMP 13. Not sure if that's an issue. I only want to strip all the data out of this system, because its not worth working with, I plan to use a third party template that I can buy with heaps more functionality. But, when I open the file with FMP 13, the menu item "File/Manage/..." has all items greyed out. Same for all export options. This sure looks like a privilege issue?


But curiously the FMP help regarding this issue, refers to a menu item that i dont even have? Is this a case where i will need to buy the Advanced product, because perhaps in the developer tools there is something?


Is there any way I can get this data? Even with a third party product?