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    Two Servers won’t play nice


      Two Windows 2008 R2 servers.

      Both Virtual and on the same network.


      Installed FileMaker Server 13 in a two server configuration.

      The “data” server sees the “web” sever.

      Edited the deployment, and everything succeeded.

      The client has a 25 user license for WebDirect.


      Now, in the FileMaker Serve Admin Console.

      The web server is “On” and we can turn Web publishing “On”.


      We can open the test page (http://ip_address:16000/test)


      So far, this is great. everything is as we expect.


      In the admin console, we select “Web Publishing”, PHP, and Enable PHP publishing, Save. Then, FileMaker WebDirect, Enable FileMaker WebDirect, Save.


      Great, that should do it.


      Go back to Status page and...“PHP is disabled” and “FileMaker WebDirect is Disabled”.


      Through much gyration, tribulation, and re-start-u-lation. There’s no joy. We can't get them to turn on.


      Anyone have any idea? If there is another discussion that addresses this very issue, I am delighted to read it, but so far I haven't found an answer. All internal firewalls have been turned off.


      As an aside, getting into these servers is not a trivial matter. It's one of those things where you have to tell the person on the other end of the phone line to perform the action. We can only see the screen that the remote operator is using.

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          George Nassar

          How are you handling networking on the VMs?  Is it possible that the some of the ports needed available or open on the Web server aren't available, or that VM is having some issue accepting inbound connections through its virtualized network adapter?  It sounds like the communications issues are on that side of the split.

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            Agree with you, the servers are in the different network. DB server has private IP address 172.23.xx.xx and WEB server seems has grobal address (FQDN).

            So something like a router between them should be set to open ports and/or WEB server should have second IP address to access to private IP address.

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              Thanks for your responses. It seems clear that that there is a “small” communications issue because so much of the system is working. As far as the virtual machines are concerned--they are on the same network. The DB is and the Web is They tell me there is no internal firewall between the two VMs.


              (But here’s where the problem gets interesting. As I mentioned, access to these machines is not trivial. The only way to access them is through an actual person who is doing everything for you. There is a lot of Security. Getting the company to provision the second machine--to help meet their security requirements--took an act congress (figuratively). Even convincing them to install a copy of Advanced on the server was like pulling teeth  Getting FileMaker installed on the workstations...


              This is not a unique situation for FileMaker developers, but it’s not the norm. And it’s very annoying. I/we can’t just fiddle around with settings on the servers. Sure, we can contact FileMaker for installation support, it’s free. But, it will be a nightmare. FileMaker has their own way to remote into a client’s machine to troubleshoot such issues...and it won’t work. It’s blocked. So before we get there, I want to make sure that I’m covering all my basis for hypothetical troubleshooting.)


              So far I’m going to do the following.

              1. Re-deploy in a single server model--just as test. If this works than the WebDirect test can be run. I’m really hoping it does.
              2. Windows’ Services. We will cross reference with one of our FMServers to make sure we know what’s running. In the past there have been glitches where something was off.
              3. Double down on Ports. “They” say the ports are all open. I’m suspicious.


              Does anyone have some other First tier tech support steps that I should include in the process?

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                I installed FMS13 at a client's yesterday & had a similar issue.  The installation & deployment all ran without any errors & told me that WebDirect was enabled (I didn't need PHP so I didn't enable that).  When I tried to hit the WebDirect page with a browser I got a message telling me that WebDirect was not enabled.  The WebDirect tab within the Web Publishing section of the admin console said that WebDirect was enabled but when I went to the status page, like you, it said that WebDirect was disabled - the two pages withing the admin console disagreed with each other!


                Clicking the gear icon next to WebDirect took me back to the WebDirect tab within the Web Publishing section.  I went through a couple of cycles of turning WebDirect off & on and suddenly it started working.  I restarted the computer at one point but don't think that actually had any impact - I still got the WebDirect is disabled message after the restart.  After the restart I disabled WebDirect, went to the status page to check that it still reported it as disabled, went back to the WebDirect page & enabled it.  I can't remember whether I did this once or twice but it was no more than that.


                This was on a Mac running 10.9 (not server).


                Best regards


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