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Multiple encrypted files on Server 13 Question

Question asked by MacUT on Feb 13, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2014 by MacUT

We encrypted a solution consisting of 8 different but connected files using Filemaker 13. We then uploaded to the server and was expecting to have to enter the password for each file as we opened it on the server. Instead, we only needed to enter the password for the first file. In opening each of the remaining files, the password dialog came up but whether we did not enter a password or even entered an incorrect password, pressing the ok button dismissed the dialog window and subsequently the file could be opened. We were thinking that we needed to enter the password for each of the linked files but we are trying to verify that this is not a bug.


Question: For linked files encrypted with the same password does one only need to enter the password once when opening the files on the server instead of for each file?


Thanks for any clarification.