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Server [12] vs Java updates [and maybe a FMP 13 bug]

Question asked by old_cedar on Feb 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2014 by old_cedar

Once again it seems a java update has screwed up a server Admin Console from properly launching a I anticipate the usual finger pointing at the "Other Guy" routine, but I need a fix. Last stage of a big redesigned file and I cannot get uploaded to my server, because the java app says it NOW does not have the "Required Permissions" that it apparently had only a few day before the upgrade to Version 7 update 51 [Mini OS 10.7.5 Core i5]. After the last "go around" I wait to see if there is a general out cry from the rest of the users before I manually upgrade my server... The server still serves but access to the Console is "NOT HAPPENING AGAIN." Sorry, did I say that too loud?


Also has anyone notice a tremendous drop in the importing speed of picture into their server [12] since FMP 13 arrived?


Also another "Ancient trick" for removing duplicates seems to have fallen on hard times in FMP 13. Using a portal and a script to go the last portal row to detect if it is record 1 is the trick. In a recent task I found over 10,000 duplicate pictures that needed removal from a 40,000 record file. Everytime I ran this routine in FMPA 13 [served from 12] the file failed in process and shut down the App [FMPA 13 Local]. In 12 and all earlier versions since 4.x this has never happened. When I went into FMPA 12 it ran fine. Any thoughts? [There maybe a problem between the speed of the delete and the refresh of the picture...]


I only mentioned these 2 items together because it might not be the Java.


Oh! one more thing about the Admin Console not opening. When I used FireFox instead of Safari besides the Java non permission complaint, the error included a inability to identify a [fmp] file to an app.