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    Server [12] vs Java updates [and maybe a FMP 13 bug]


      Once again it seems a java update has screwed up a server Admin Console from properly launching a I anticipate the usual finger pointing at the "Other Guy" routine, but I need a fix. Last stage of a big redesigned file and I cannot get uploaded to my server, because the java app says it NOW does not have the "Required Permissions" that it apparently had only a few day before the upgrade to Version 7 update 51 [Mini OS 10.7.5 Core i5]. After the last "go around" I wait to see if there is a general out cry from the rest of the users before I manually upgrade my server... The server still serves but access to the Console is "NOT HAPPENING AGAIN." Sorry, did I say that too loud?


      Also has anyone notice a tremendous drop in the importing speed of picture into their server [12] since FMP 13 arrived?


      Also another "Ancient trick" for removing duplicates seems to have fallen on hard times in FMP 13. Using a portal and a script to go the last portal row to detect if it is record 1 is the trick. In a recent task I found over 10,000 duplicate pictures that needed removal from a 40,000 record file. Everytime I ran this routine in FMPA 13 [served from 12] the file failed in process and shut down the App [FMPA 13 Local]. In 12 and all earlier versions since 4.x this has never happened. When I went into FMPA 12 it ran fine. Any thoughts? [There maybe a problem between the speed of the delete and the refresh of the picture...]


      I only mentioned these 2 items together because it might not be the Java.


      Oh! one more thing about the Admin Console not opening. When I used FireFox instead of Safari besides the Java non permission complaint, the error included a inability to identify a [fmp] file to an app.

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          A partial resolve to the Admin Console issue.  This is related to the upgrade to OS 10.9.x.  The new JAVA security update that is auto employed resets the permissions and dismisses all old recognized apps.  So I finally had to drop the level of security level to medium.  As that was less trouble than reinstalling and setting up my server once again.  The Console is back and functioning as needed.  There will be no further updates of JAVA allowed on my servers.  The manpower and loss of time costs the last year alone [days and weeks] have made that economically prohibative compared to all other losses that I have ever experienced with all my years serving FMPro. [Back to FMS 4.x]