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    Technical query


      Dear Experts,


      My name is Trisha and new to Filemaker. I have been assigned to the Filemaker project. Urgently I have to design a project. I am stuck with the following issues


      Here is the problem statement


      How to choose a specific portal and loop through it completely when there are more than one portals on the same layout.

      Results expected : Fetch first row of the portal and store the information in another portal which is the part of another layout.



      Thank you and looking forward to hear from you


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          Hi Trisha,


          To target a portal and walk it's records:

          In Layout mode give the target portal an object name with the inspector.

          Your script should contain the following steps / logic.



          In your script use the go to object command giving the object name, then Go to Portal Row [First].

          use Set Variable to collect your data, go to a layout based on your destination portal table, create new record and set Field from your variables.

          go to layout( original )

          Go to Portal Row [Next].Exit after last

          End Loop


          This is pseudo code to give you the idea, however, in filemaker there are many ways to accomplish the task.