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    How do I download zip from web link


      Reading the command seems to state I can DL a image..


      I have tried insert from url.. zip into a container field

      We don't want to required user/password using a ftp process



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          Are you being prevented from downloading a zip file by using Insert From URL due to a required username/password for FTP? There is no way around that outside of using an FTP plugin.


          The username and password is on the web side, not the FileMaker side. To remove it, you will need to set your web server to have the zip file in a public directory with the correct permissions.

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            1st thanks for answering... was hoping for a better solution


            so Get from URL isn't it,

            I do a plugin if one existed..    your saying no solution,  way a client can get a file for themselves  without dialog DL box  huh?


            Yes, I can do it with a ftp..  but    ...What I am trying to do is...let the customer download their own update.. from a url.. MY SERVER!     I don't want to give my user/password to 100's  people


            I  am familar with  BE_ftp   and Scriptmaster  ftp functions as well..  anything with ftp   is user PW tested


            Here is my clumsy  work around    ... to put their update zip on my server with a html link page.. SPecial for each client...  


            Client DL's saving to special location not changing the ZIP name

            Give them instructions exactly where to lay saved new update zips..


               then my application would unzip/ rename my update files

               .. expected anyways process

               Exit application..

               Run a special Batch file.. to rename new fmp12 file to Start.fmp12,

              Rename orginial Start to start_before.fmp12
              Run new file running my update process bringing back my current data

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              Insert from URL is just that, inserting a value from a URL. If your URL happens to be a password protected directory of files, then FM has no way to know that and will error out accordingly. It's not called Insert from FTP!


              Insert From URL IS a solution, you just have to make sure the URL you are pulling it from is accessible to the user. This can be any LAN/WAN/http link:





              Plugins give you the full range of features involved in downloading FTP files with designated usernames and passwords.


              I don't see why your method is clumsy at all. An auto-update of client-side files is a pretty difficult thing to gracefully execute.

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                thanks .. that was quick.. I get it.


                I guess I need to figure how to allow my website to create individual user

                passwords for each my client.. maybe separate folders with user/PW?

                I have no understanding on this web stuff security stuff//


                My code is done,  it be better to ftp then w/ user/PW

                I recall, someone giving me once a user and password to download from there

                server once, so i know thats possible..    next where to find some guidance

                in this direction


                Thks again..

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                  Since this is a Download from FMP you could use the MonkeyBread Software plugin, MBS. It provides FTP functionality and you can put the password in the script and it does not appear in the URL.