Please comment my commercial fm12 runtime solution for psychotherapists

Discussion created by mariusjostfm on Feb 17, 2014
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Dear FM developpers,


I am grateful for the support I have received in this forum - thanks for your feedback, guidance and comments!


  • Before I post anything here, I wanna make sure it s not considered spam or marketing: Is it OK to post a link to the download of my runtime?
  • I have not seen many runtimes from professional developers myself but am really open to it.


Here in my little German town, there are not exactly thousands of IT students or filemaker savy developpers who could comment it.....


If I may post the link to the little runtime solution (fm 12), I d be interested in your brutaly honest feedback about

- looks

- robustness

- security

- speed

- ease of use

...or anything that annoys you about the solution...or anythink that you like


Shall I...?


with best regards