Print displacement in Web Direct and External Links

Discussion created by gladams on Feb 18, 2014
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I'm have a couple of issures with Web Direct that I'm not sure how to resolve. Both are illustrated on the screen shot.


1) The print in the tab control is displaced at the very bottom of the tab and does not look very professional. Using text alignment doesn't do anything. I'm guessing this is an area for future improvement by FileMaker, but if anybody knows a way to solve it, it would be much appreciated. Text also in the body seems to get displaced, this time though upwards.


2) Access to any external links are blocked in the web viewer. It is often not clear to the user that it is blocked. For example on in Google Chrome just a small shield appears in the top right hand corner. This then has to be selected, before the message shown in the attachment shows. The user then has to select 'Load unsafe script' which then takes the user to the login page where he/she has to once again enter the username/password. In most cases I would guess the user wouldn't see the shield appearing. I'm using external links for both photos/diagrams and for plotting charts in html5 (see second attachment) and hoping there is a way around this. I know the photos can be put in container fields, but prefer to keep them on my website, as I can then automatically update users using the runtime version.