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    SXBlue GPS


      Has anyone done any work integrating a SXBlue GPS with FileMaker Pro/Go? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!



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          Hello Mark!!


          I'm not sure if this will help you, but i could integrate standard GPS Receivers to work with my FMPro application (not FMGo), i'm using that integration for a transportation company with 75 units



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            Hi Mark,


            I just received a SXBlue III receiver and I set up a quick FM database with Locationvalue field to check integration with GPS connected via bluetooth to an iPhone on 8 running FMGo.


            My first reaction is that the data inserted in the field is not as accurate as the data the SXBlue is generating.  Lat/Long is only to 6 decimal places and the horizontal/vertical error readouts are limited to 5 and 10 meters respectively. The SXBlue app on the iPhone shows internal and external GPS data at much tighter errors and 8 decimal places for Lat/Long.  Maybe the SXBlue people have some work arounds to mirror SXBlue accuracy in Locationvalues.  If so, The power of FM with a sub-foot GPS would make the workflow in the field much more robust.


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