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    Where are the FM 13 books?


      I notice an almost complete absence of books on FM13. With previous versions, there have been revised editions of "Missing Manual" and other books, almost before the software is released. Do you think we are withnessing the end of such texts, or are the publishers just a bit slow off the mark?



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          I was waiting for you to write one...


          Honestly the last book I read on FM was Beverly Voth's book on XML/XSL, which I think was tied to FM6.


          A book on WebDirect, which is all that's really "new" in FM13, would take a while as the community is still adapting to it's introduction.


          I'd imagine books are going by the wayside a bit though, I'd be interested to hear the thoughts that people like Bev or Susan Prosser have.

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            LOL! thanks, Mike. the "6" book is still valid for "13" import/export of XML with XSLT, who would've thunk?!


            I'm not writing a 13 book, just articles/blogs as things come to me. I'm sure there are those authors out there that have tremendous changes with THEMES and WebDirect. Oh and pop-overs, sliders, ...


            So, perhaps you're right in that there is a lot of "adapting" going on. Writing a book takes some extra knowledge of what the community wants/needs.


            In the meantime...


            • DOWNLOAD every single PDF that you can find for the version you are working in. These are "searchable" and with the right "reader" can also be annotated (highlighted, notes added, etc.). Don't bother printing, as that's such a waste of paper! <http://www.filemaker.com/support/product/documentation.html>



            • if you have specific questions, the search engines are not far behind when a new blog is out on some of the topics.



            • come back to this list (and others) - search for an answer, post a question, make a comment.



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              Stephen Huston

              My experience is that they've usually been slow off the mark. For the last few versions, books were listed as available for "preordering" right away, but they weren't actually in print until several months after the originally-announced release dates.


              So, while they were listed immediately, there was a long delay before the release dates, and those were often postposed because the schedule wasn't kept.


              We're only at month 2 from software release right now, so I expect to wait several more months based on the last few releases.

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                I guess I've been slower to adopt the previous releases, hence the books have been ready for me.  This time, I'm having so much fun with popovers and other new features, that I feel impatient to learn more about how to use them "properly"!



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                  a quick google and I get some listed:


                  <http://www.amazon.com/FileMaker-13-Absolute-Beginners-Guide/dp/0789748843> (not released)

                  <https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/filemaker-training-series/id787527886?mt=11> (for reading on iBooks)


                  And well, that's it! Those PDFs @fmi are on my laptop and my iPad for anytime reading...