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    tab panel color inconsistency in Pro and WebDirect


      Wondering if anyone else is struggling with getting tab panel colors to appear consistently (i.e., the same) in Pro and WD?


      The problem I'm having is that a tab panel that looks and works perfectly in Pro has 'invisible tabs' in WD. By this I mean that the text of the tab is visible, the contents of the current tab of the panel are visible, but the tabs themselves have no color. See attachment. Seems there's some relationship between the difference of the Active and Inactive tab colors (if I make them extremely different colors it works, but if they are shades of gray apart, they go invisible).


      If I do the above trick on a tab panel on 1 layout, then save the style and theme, if I go to another layout with a tab panel using the same style, it's tabs are still invisible in WD. If I re-apply the style to all the tabs, it may or may not work. If I 'kick' the colors up a few notches it might work (and be ugly), but might not. Haven't yet found something that always breaks it or makes it work (other than choosing wild colors). Mostly I'm not solving the problem.


      This is happening with newly created tab panels….


      Have also learned that even if you specify a color for an "Inactive" tab to be the same as the color of the Body is on (to intentionally make the inactive tab seem transparent), it doesn't actually use that color - it's offset to some degree.


      Also discovered accidentally that different tabs in 1 panel can have different styles applied to them. At first I thought this was causing the problem by confusing WD, but once I made sure each tab had the same style, same problem.


      Anyone have any thoughts?

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          Hi JoelStoner


          Your post is a bit old by now, but since I experienced apparently the same issue the other day, I thought I could post my findings to you.

          I have a database where all my Tab Panels are alike. Because of that, I have so far only modified the default style. Then I decided to make another tab-panel with a different background colour, so I saved the default Tab Panel style as New Style, changed Apperance settings, Saved Changes to Current Style and lastly Saved Changes to Theme.

          Back in the web browser, all my panels apparently lost their background colour. I say apparently, because what actually happened, was the Default style getting the same background colour as my new style for the Tab Panel, which insidently was the same as the colour of my background.

          To cut a long story short, it all is (obviously) a bug in Web Direct, where settings in the New Style are applied to elements with the Default style in the web browser. I have tested this theory several times with consistent result. And I also experienced that if I added even more styles and modified them back and forth, things got more and more messed up, with no telling which style actually was applied in the web browser.

          However, if I deleted all new styles and saved changes to style and theme, all got back to the Default Style settings.

          My workaround is to set Apperance for the (non Default Style) Tab Panel, and NOT save changes to the style. As long as there are only one Tab Panel style, apperance in the browser is fine for those Tab Panels with the Default Style applied.

          This error applies not only to the background colour, but all other Apperance settings too.

          I have posted an Issue report on FileMaker Forum. http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/cdc9ac4cf3


          Regards, Jon Riber Sparre