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Connect from FM Go to host FMP

Question asked by RossHurley on Feb 18, 2014
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Hi all,


I'm still working on an import script for an iPhone to update a host DB running FM Pro when the iPhone gets back into WiFi range for a farm management system. The import scripts work fine when testing by manually opening the host file from the iPhone and running the import script on the host. Now I want to streamline the process so the user just clicks one button on the iPhone to run the update process.


There is a potential vertical market for this, to small farms with probably just one computer in the office and FM Go running on iOS devices. All methods of scripting an import I've seen and tried rely on specifying an IP address of the host computer. In these situations I can' rely on a fixed IP address. I've been through all the FM Go papers and discussions and done an internet search, but can find no other way of connecting. Even the process described in FMI's paper on synching between FM Go and FMP seems to rely on connecting by IP address.


Is there any way FM Go can run a script on a host computer over WiFi without specifying an IP address?




Ross Hurley

Somewhere in the bush in Australia