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E-mailing Specific Records To Related Contacts

Question asked by wilson.ethington on Feb 19, 2014

My company is trying to utilize filemaker go from iPads out in the field. Each one of our accounts has several locations which in turn have several systems that we run a specific report on, generating a record for each report. It is important for our clients to have these reports in PDF form at the end of our service for that day.


I'm trying to write a script that, at the end of servicing the entire account, would collect all of the service records we have made for the day and send them in an email to the contact(s) associated with that account.


I'm relatively new to filemaker and have little experience with scripting so this task has proven particularly difficult for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


One additional note: there are three types of systems that I have been separating using a category. Each of the three has both its own iPad layout designed for data input as well as a PDF layout designed for sharing the report to clients without filemaker.