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    Calendar/schedule to show cabin availability


      Hi....New to this but hopefully sufficiently technical to get to grips with Filemaker (eventually)


      I am trying to create a filemaker system to manage my business......I rent out cabins throughout the year.


      I can create tables for suppliers, customers, cabins (# beds, std/lux/premier, etc), bookings etc. I want to use filemaker to handle bookings, check-in/out, invoicing etc. and am sure I can design the layouts to perform these tasks.


      What I am struggling with is being able to visually show availability of each cabin in a calendar format. I know I can run a query and put in a date and get it to tell me if a cabin is free on that date or not but what I really want is to see at a glance when it is free/booked. Eventually I want to be able to publish the availablity on my website so prospective customers can see for themselves but baby steps first


      Does this functionality exist within the current reporting capability of FM13? Can't find anything there that looks right. Any advice/guidance/readymade solutions gratefully received.


      Running Filemaker Pro13 Trial version (want to make sure this is the solution for me before biting the bullet or going back to a more complicated unwieldly MS Access solution)





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          You can create a "calendar" which is the dates of any given month. Use fields (or for calendars weeks, I often use repeating fields). Then put queries into the fields, such that for any given (selected) property, show the dates as 'reserved' based on your existing bookings. I know this is a bit vague, but think about it a bit. You are creating (dynamically) a month/multiple months on a layout, then calc (or I prefer scripted) populate the "days" as needed. You can base the query on any given property or perhaps several properties in the same locale.


          Take a look at some of the calendars available (for free, trial or reasonable). These will give you ideas on how it all works. for example: <http://www.seedcode.com/filemaker-calendar>. Just use your favorite search engine and look for 'filemaker calendar'. See if any of these are also web ready (with WD or php) and that may be your choice to use one already made!!



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            When it comes to calendars, I would not try to re-invent that wheel -- if you can avoid it.


            Seedcode also offers http://www.seedcode.com/free-calendar/  It's like a gateway drug to the application that Beverly linked to. In any event, if you are new to FileMaker or seasoned veteran, seeing other people's work can teach you a lot about how and how not to build FileMaker Solutions.

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