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Problems Displaying Base64 Image in Webviewer using HTML5 Canvas

Question asked by corkhia on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by corkhia

I am trying to use an webviewer with an image on it that I can interact with (i.e. record where I do a mouse-down/up action) so that I can grab the coordinates relative to the image.


I am new to HTML5 and struggling along very slowly but am gradually getting pieces to work. Where I am currently stuck is getting an image that I have converted to base64 and placed (for testing purposes) in a global variable to display consistently on a canvas element within the webviewer.


I can display the image without a problem outside of the canvas object, but when I first open the database file, it refuses to render on the canvas. If I go into 'manage database' click on something and then exit, the image majically appears drawn on the canvas. I don't understand why this should occur and have been messing around with this problem trying multitudes of different things without success.


Has anyone solved this issue or come across something similar? Does anyone have any webviewer examples that they would be willing to share that have used base64 converted images displayed on canvas? If so you might help save my sanity!