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    Restrict found set in list view

      Probably this issue has been discussed several times but I couldn't find the right topic.


      When my users perform a search sometimes they get thousands of records as a result. As they are in list view all those records will be downloaded from the server to the client and that might take a lot of time.

      I would like to speed up the process.

      I would like to restric the result like they do on the google search page to the first 50 latest created records.

      Clicking an arrow at the bottom of the list would show the next 50 records.


      Has anyone a working example on how to solve this?



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          FileMaker is a little cleverer than that. I believe only blocks of 25 records are sent from the server to the client unless there is some reason all of them are required (Summary fields spring to mind). So if you can see 53 records within a list view 75 are sent.

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            Thanks for the reply.


            And if I sort the records? Would it sort on the server and send me the result in blocks of 25?

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              Slight correction: 25 records are fetched at a time in Form view. In List or Table view, enough records are fetched to fill the display, with more being fetched as needed.


              To answer your question, Xavier, no, sorting does not happen on the server. All records in the found set are fetched, then sorted on the client.



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                Thanks Mike,


                So how can I solve my problem?


                A user performs a find that would result in a few thousand records. I would like him to see only the last 50 or so records... I don't want him / her to wait till all the records are downloaded and perform a sort...

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                  Avoid the sort if you can. Especially if you're sorting on more than one field. Avoid any kind of unstored calculation on the layout - summary fields, etc.

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                    Well, if you want to do it in the FileMaker interface, and you want to perform a sort, there's no way to avoid downloading all the records. There are a few things you can do to speed it up:


                    1) Thin down your table. Remove any extraneous fields you don't absolutely need.

                    2) Remove any graphics from the layout, or, if you must have them, use "web friendly" graphics (few colors, small size).

                    3) Consider using a one-to-one relationship to a table that has only the fields in it that you want to use for searching. This will thin down the table for your list view without pushing out the other data.


                    The other thing you can do is, if you want a web-like interface, create a web interface using CWP. Then use pagination like you see on Google or other similar pages. Or, just remove the sort from the list and just do it that way.





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                      I have a scripted sort that performs:

                      1. When user activated (they have been taught that it my take longer on larger sets)

                      2. Or "automatic" (triggered) IF & only if there are less than 100 records in the found set.


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