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Long report crashes in Windows 7

Question asked by davidsan on Feb 19, 2014
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I am doing a very complex report. It is about 300 pages. It includes graphics and it is filled with information from many tables.


The report is correctly generated by all the machines in the business except one. There is no problem in Mac or in Windows XP machines. However, there is a Windows 7 machine that even though generates the report correctly has a very strange behavior. Once the first page of the report appears (very quickly by the way), if I take the horizontal scrollbar in the Rolodex to the last page, FileMaker shows the blue disc on the poining cursor (while calculating all the pages to last one), then a minute later FileMaker title bar changes to "Does not respond" and a minute later FileMaker Pro says "Host comunication to the server was interrupted and it could not be restablished".


If I go over the pages 20 by 20 or 50 by 50 it does not hang up and it does not lose the comunication.


Last week I updated the Windows 7 operating system with some patch from Microsoft and the report started to work fine. This week, after another patch from Microsoft, the issue reappear. It seems like the component in Windows 7 that determines if a program is frozen or in a long task it is not properly recognizing a long FileMaker Pro task. I can see how the % of processor Filemaker uses suddenly drops to 0 after about two minutes. So it seems Windows 7 is shuting down FileMaker because it determines it is a malfunctioning program.


Does anyone have any experience in a situation like this? Is this component configurable in Windows 7 machines to not automatically shut FileMaker Pro?