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Import script step intermittent failure

Question asked by DataWizard on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by CarlSchwarz

I have a solution with about a dozen files. The client recently upgraded to a new windows server and FMS12. They are on Windows 7 and FMP12.


The issue is appearing sporadically when triggering an import script step. The dozen or so scripts using import between the files have worked flawlessly for about 15 years, including FMP11.


For instance, in the Groups file, they click a button to set up individual date records for meeting reports in another file. It then finds just the current record for the found set in GROUPS. It triggers an import script in a separate file called TEMPFILE, which imports the records using split repeating fields.


What sometimes happens is, the TEMPFILE fails to see that GROUPS is already open. It asks for the user credentials again, but then doesn't resolve to their GROUPS with the 1 record found. It starts importing all the records from the GROUPS file.


There are several other files where import fails in the same manner, so it's not related to a particular file, it's related to import script step.


I have looked at external file references, re-pointed to the correct file (ie. file:GROUPS, do not use fmnet with ip address) in all the import script steps, have set all affected scripts to run with full access privileges, have rechecked the security accounts.


I really don't want to program a work around for all the import functions. Any ideas about what might be causing this failure?


Thank you,

Sheila Kliewer

Data Wizard