Novel crashing behavior, seeking suggestions

Discussion created by l_allen_poole on Feb 20, 2014
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Hi all -


FileMaker 11 Server hosting a database for FM 11 Pro and Advanced clients.


Here's a mystery:

I have a table with 13 records. One of these records contains the word "Developer" in an indexed text field.

In the past, a scripted process successfully & reliably located the "developer" record by performing a Find script step with the search criterion "==Developer"


As of a few days ago, this script step reliably crashes FileMaker. Here's what's surprising to me:


Searching for "Developer" works, with no crashes.

Searching for "=Developer" works, with no crashes.

Searching the same table/field for "==Developer" crashes FileMaker reliably, even when I do it manually (rather than by running my script).


This suggests to me that the field's index is corrupted in some way that affects an == search differently. Any suggestions?

I'm going to try deleting the index & then recreating it to see if that helps.