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    QuickBooks Integration on Mac


      I know this is a re-hashed issue...but I'm looking into filemaker and quickbooks on a mac using Paralells.


      What are some of the drawbacks to this method if at all possible? Does the user need to log into their "PC" and open QB-FM or can it run in the background


      Any tips/documentation/direction would be super helpful.


      Many thanks

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          If I recall, the QBFM is session based and needs to be authorized when it is called. So I would assume that it can't run in the background or as a server side script.


          Haven't touched it in a few years though, they might have updated it.


          Might want to ask the companies that make the plug-ins for more details if they don't chime in here.





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            Thanks Mike,


            I've asked them and they said it is possible. From a support request email I sent this week:


            The plug-in will operate properly with Windows running on the Intel Mac either via Parallels, Boot Camp, Virtual Machine.  However this would also require the installation of FileMaker and QuickBooks for Windows on the respective partition.



            I'll update this post once I've gotten it set up.



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              I've done this on a Mac with Parallels and it works.  I wouldn't call it elegant, but it does work.  I sure wish Quickbooks would be a real database and support things like ODBC or a web service.  These vertical accounting solutions seem really geared toward single users and their idea of multi-user is like 5 users... goodness, that is not a real database.  There are things Quickbooks does well, but collaborating with other databases (not just FileMaker) is a real weakness. And the fact that the Quickbooks API only works on Windows is very short sighted.  They have left the Mac market to their step-child limited version and no API to connect to things like FileMaker. 

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                I wonder how much security is playing into their decisions. That's the only advantage to a proprietary locked down data table structure that I can think of.


                Remember the limitation of session authentication to quickbooks as well. You'll have to address that if you're trying to make a "robot" connection to QB

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                  Not just the API. Intuit has made very different applications for the two platforms. CPAs using QB on Windows can have a difficult time with your QB Mac.

                  It's an xplat world and they should get with it!!


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                  Beverly Voth


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                    Thanks for all the invaluable and timesaving input.


                    Mike - I doubt this will end up being a "Robot" feature. They will have to

                    log in to Parallels and perform the sync there. Then, assuming this is

                    possible in Parallels, they can see those changes in QB while logged into

                    the mac OS. I could be totally off with how this works (first time using

                    parallels), so please correct me.


                    Beverly - If the QB application is running on the Windows OS (accessible

                    through parallells) wouldn't that make it a windows application making it

                    easier for their accountant to use the data?

                    How would you suggest I go about this given the current hardware

                    limitations ( macs everywhere! )

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                      Running on Mac in any Windows app, means FMP also running there to make the integration. Uh uh. Not a solution I like. Inuit dropped the ball.


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                      Beverly Voth


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                        I agree Taylor.


                        There has to be a reason for not including mac or any ODBC connectivity in QB, most likely a business decision.

                        Is there anything out of the ordinary I should look to do when doing this? Is it as straight forward as installing FMP,QB and the plugin on the Windows OS?



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                          I use FM, QB and Productive Computing's plug-in.  Have for years now.  Works great, never fails, great tech support. Inexpensive.

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                            Hi slsny,

                            On a mac?

                            What method did you use to run this on windows?

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                              It works if you run it in Windows OS because only QB on Windows has an API that is supported by Productive Computing. 


                              It works "great" means you can easily import and export just like you can with something like Excel.  More powerful integration like I'm accustomed to doing with MS SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL, is not possible with QB because QB is not an enterprise level database and is more like a peer-to-peer solution that FileMaker has available.  Yes, it works, within its limitations.  If those limitations are acceptable to you, then you may conclude it is a "Great" solution.  Productive Computing is a competent plugin manufacturer for FileMaker and I have worked with them and they do provide good support.  If you just give them your solution and ask them to do the integration, expect to spend at least $3500.  Or you can use their sample solution and your own development skills and it can be implemented on your own.  So looking for a "cheap" solution probably means spending time to learn how to use the plugin and QB's API to integrate with your solution and if you're time has limited value, it truly can be a cheap solution.  I would not call it an expensive solution, but I probably would not call it a cheap solution if you use their consulting services.  I consider it is a fair value for what you get. 

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                                I agree with your analysis.  My cost were minimal. Approximately $750.00

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                                  I use VM Ware, Enterprise version of QB and FM Advanced with the Productive Computing plug-in.

                                  I have specific and limited requirements for the plug-in.

                                  Things like pulling & pushing inventory, check, vendor and customer data to/from FM.

                                  I have had no problems with the plug-in at all. Productive did the integration with QB. Costs were minimal.

                                  Approx. $750.00

                                  Been using it for 4 years. Not a single issue.

                                  Stephen Schneider

                                  State License Servicing, Inc.

                                  845-544-2482 ext 203

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                                    Thanks for the input.


                                    I've done the integration before and (to your point Taylor) that should keep the cost down.


                                    I'm not really familiar with how Parallels works and maybe I should start there. But, that aside, do you need to run 2 licenses of QB (Mac, PC) on each OS? or can there be a windows version of QB and the user can access it from the Mac OS using parallels?


                                    I believe that's the power of Parallels. That you can access windows applications on your mac as if they were installed on the Mac OS.


                                    Thanks again,