Feature suggestion:  Smarter conversion from Excel

Discussion created by sgbotsford on Feb 20, 2014
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I'm in a trial at this point, so my approach is that of a newby. I will post some impressions as I go through this in hopes of making FM a better product.


I currently have an inventory system based in excel. To reduce reentry I have two workbooks with 4 columns in the Inventory speadsheet based on lookups into the abbreviations worksheet.


I was dissapointed in FM. FM didn't seem to be aware that *anything* was happening in the spread sheet, it just slurped it over as values.


What I expected to happen:


1. With the reference to the second workbook, offer to import that worksheet also.

2. Replace instances of VLOOKUP in the first workbook with a relationship.

3. Replace calcuated fields in the first workbook with calculated fields.

4. Construct a checklist of things that would need to be checked to verify that it was working correctly.

5. If a form existed in the source spreadsheet do a first approximation of that form in a layout.

6. If parts of the source worksheet were protected, at least show them in a different colour in the layout to show that they needed checking.

7. If parts of the source worksheet had validation, try to implement that validation, or at least mark them.