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    Go/Pro Half Circle - what does it mean??


      Hi all,


      I'm totally stumped, for years I have seen some databases on FM Server with a half filled circle in the Go/Pro column as opposed to the normal full circle in all other columns (and on most databases in Go/Pro).


      What does it mean !! I've tried everything to try and change it from half to full in an attempt to figure out what it means but I still cannot figure it out. Nor can I find any answer to this question on google or in the FileMaker Server documentation.


      Can someone please shed some light on this and what it means !



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          Good to hear the name weetbicks again, wondering where the blog posts disappeared to!


          I'm assuming that since it's Go/Pro, and not Go and Pro in separate columns, that a half circle means that Go connectivity is not active?


          Since FMS13 is in a browser, you can inspect the element. I only have full circles on my server, but when I inspect a full circle I get:




          So a full circle is "enabled" given the icon name.


          No documentation I could find either, but I'd be interested to see what you find if you inspect the browser element in FMS13, just to see what the icon's called.

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            hi Mike,  blog is cranking up again now (albiet slowly) but will be posting more soon


            I too figured if it is Go/Pro then half circle means Pro but not go, or vice versa, but this cannot be the case.  There is no extened privilege that says "enable go" -  the fmapp privilege is for both Pro and Go to be accessed over server.  The only FMGo related extened privilege is fmreauthenticateX one which determines when a user will have to re-authenticate on Go after a period of inactivity,  however I have tried removing this extended privilege altogether, or adding it to all privilege sets, but nothing seems to change the half circle to full.

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              Can you use your browser's inspector as I did to see what the icon name is? In chrome I just right clicked on the circle and selected "inspect element".

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                It means that the file is 'hidden' and won't appear in the list of files when you do Open Remote on that server, as enabled from File > Sharing > FileMaker Network and then ticking the Don't display in Open Remote File Dialog box...




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                  PS if you're getting back into blogging I'd love to hear the rest of the TDA story

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                    hi Steve,   thank you !  You've solved an age old mystery (at least here at Digital Fusion hehe).


                    This is actually quite useful for our production servers, we can hide all files except the main files of a solution so users can not accidentally attempt to open the wrong file, nice one !


                    You are right it would be nice to finish that TDA story.  I have a few weeks of journal entries lying around somewhere which I"ll put up soon,  the rest of the trip was not journaled as a result of sitting on my laptop in my tent and destroying it, but I can probably write some summaries of the countries and the rest of the trip.


                    If you are interested, all the photos and some videos can be found here:  http://weetbicks.smugmug.com


                    cheers again for the answer!