Slow computers slows down other users?

Discussion created by BenHutson on Feb 21, 2014
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Hi all,


A quick query, for which I could find no info on through a Google search.



Some background:


Part of our FileMaker application runs particularly slow - it's a complex portal with filtering and conditional formatting, icons etc. (We expect this to be the case and we know we have a lot of optimising to do there, and even change the whole way that module operates.)


This week we upgraded the machines on the network that use this module the most from 4Gb to 8Gb of RAM, and as a result not only is it running better on the client machines where the RAM was upgraded, but others on the network who already had better spec machines are noticing a considerable improvement in speed when using this particular module. No other changes have been made in this time, either to FM, the network, or the machines.


The question:


Is it posibble that the machines, previously running 4Gb, were slowing down the experience for all other users for this particular module?



I wonder because it almost seems logical, that the machines with lower spec were taking longer to process the requests, therefore either tying up the network or the server and not allowing it to serve other users as quick.


Any theory to help us better understand this would be most appreciated.