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Sharing FM12 Data via WebDirect?

Question asked by JamesReed on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by Mike Duncan

Quick question, think I conceptually thought something would work, and I'm finding it doesn't - trying to determine if it's possible or not.


I've got data being served from a large database (let's call it DB1) under FMS 12, and just want to share just a small subset via Webdirect (until such time that I can upgrade the main database).


FMS 12 and FMS 13 are on different machines.


I'm attempting to host a new file on FMS 13 (DB2) that has DB1 as an external data source.


I can see the data via FM client perfectly fine; but when looking at the same layout (from DB2) via WebDirect, the related field data from external data source (DB1) does not appear.


It is not possible to access data only (ie not layouts) from DB1 hosted on FMS12 via a database DB2 hosted on FMS 13 via Webdirect?


Hope that's clear!


Any help appreciated!


James Reed